Kevin Draper

The point of my art is that the world is an unexpected place. It is my greatest pleasure to look right through the obvious surface to see strange gears turning, because I think that’s where beauty lies. I want to bring that beauty back to as many people as I can. I don’t care if what I bring back can be understood in any particular way – I don’t care if I have to call a cow an airplane. If I find the unexpected, the strange and beautiful I know that I can bring it back like a proud cat and put it in front my audience. It will create a little light in another person’s mind that says something really wonderful to them: it says, “you don’t have to understand the world, it already understands you.” And, then just maybe, it will give them the chance to experience some small part of it in a way they never have before. I ride that little sliver of the new into their heart, which is where I want to be.