Transmission is a new arts and culture journal, produced and funded
by the Satellite Collective. The goal of this project is to provide a
sounding board for the discussions and processes that take place
within the Collective, while reaching out to the wider artistic community
to engage current artists, art historians, and critics on a broad range
of issues and ideas. In keeping with the mission of
the Satellite Collective,

Transmission is focused on how the multitude of various art forms
are interrelated, each form providing context and perspective
For all of the others.

Satellite Collective

The Satellite Collective is a non-profit group of artists committed to
designing and producing collaborations. The Satellite Collective
strives to build a sustainable creative, financial, and collaborative
model to support original works of music, dance, multimedia, film,
spoken and written word, criticism, photography, painting, drawing,
fashion, and design, to name a few. The Collective hosts an annual
workshop and artistic retreat in Fremont, Michigan and is funded
by the Fremont Area Community Foundation, the Dogwood Center
for Performing Arts, the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs,
the Satellite Gallery, LLC, and numerous other individual, government,
and corporate sponsors. To find out more about the Satellite Collective,
please visit