This Issue 5 logo was handset and printed at Signal-Return, Detroit

Mission statement for the magazine
TransMission Statement

Transmission is the literary arm of Satellite Collective, an arts incubator centered in New York City. The publication aims to shed light on the collaborative process of the Collective and bring in fresh voices from the outside. Transmission is a literary magazine with a nostalgia for sense of place. Landscape of story and art is important to us—how the geography of a place bleeds into art and how a person's surroundings inevitably show up in every word they write.

We are open to publishing most forms; we look for rigor of craft in the writer's voice. We do not seek genre fiction. We seek nonfiction in all of its forms: memoir, creative reportage, historical biography, expository essay on incendiary or iconoclast art movements. We seek poetry, drama, novel excerpts, translations, flash fiction, short stories. We welcome both new and established writers.

We seek to publish the best, brightest voices of letters in our day and commentary about art and its processes. We pursue writers who offer insightful prose about art. We want to lasso all the different disciplines of art and have a discussion where all can participate. We want to dance about architecture. We are interested in what it's like to be engrossed in creating a painting. We want to look at the calluses and sores that go into the work. We want to talk to the creators about the gestation of their creation: how difficult it is, how joyous it is.

We want to hear from the best writers about the things that they find the most beautiful in the world right now, what makes their hearts beat faster. We want them to tell us about it in a way that makes our hearts beat faster, too.

We aim to provide a hopeful platform as the digital revolution rolls forward. We recognize a committed, rich, diverse literary community producing seriously beautiful work. We believe in that effort and want to bridge writer with audience.

Our submission period is all year long, January 1 to December 31.

Detroit Illustation From Harper's
Original source, Harper's Magazine, July 1910