Nick Jaina

The purpose of creating art is the same as the purpose of living: It is worthwhile because you GET to do it. Because you can learn and grow and stretch. Because you can discover new corners of yourself. Because you can become more honest, more vulnerable, more understanding. Because you can know what it’s like to be someone else, or someTHING else.

The tracks of growing as a person and as an artist run parallel. With any given art form, the world is reduced to a more manageable landscape. There are twelve tones and you can learn how they relate to each other, how you can group them or single them out. You can practice them your entire life and keep improving. They are like the relationships you will have with other people. Everyone you come in contact with brings something different out in you, the way an F-sharp feels different when there is an A underneath it. Through learning the discipline of art, you learn about yourself, and you find more ways of sharing that with other people. And those people are comforted to know that there are other vulnerable humans in the world, and they are encouraged to learn and grow and understand themselves better. It’s like putting something in a time capsule to tell future generations, “This is what it was like to be us, here and now.” A song or a painting or a story is the best expression of what you can do at a certain moment, and somewhere further along in time someone picks that up and connects to that past version of you, and realizes that time and distance are illusions, and that everyone can access whatever joy they want right now. The point of art is to connect, with yourself and with others.

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